Our adult martial arts programs is focused on granting our students an excellent source of physical activity to stay in shape and also learn self-defense techniques which may be able to save you one day. Our students soon discover that World Class Taekwondo is more than just punches and kicks!

Our martial arts programs will help you stay in shape:
You will gain flexibility through our stretching techniques which will decrease your chances of injury in everyday life as well relieving stiffness in your body. You will build strength and tone your body with our dynamic, isometric, and repetitive exercises. You will gain confidence in yourself and your body as well as improving your physical fitness, body composition, coordination skills, and self-defense skills.

You will enjoy the workout as well as the friendships that come along with exercising and training with people that have similar goals. People that train together and support one another end up building friendships that last a lifetime.


Our adult martial arts classes relieve stress:
Martial arts classes are well known for their stress relieving benefits, the body releases positive endorphins when feeling a sense of accomplishment especially right after completing a tough training session. The emphasis on mind-body training goes far beyond the benefits of standard health club type exercise programs.

Our classroom practice sessions give you confidence:
The confidence building part of our program is what students appreciate the most. Being able to be proud of your body anywhere without being ashamed is a great freedom that our students appreciate. On top of that, nothing can take the place of the security in knowing that you can defend yourself, should the need arise.

What we teach you could save your life:
At our school, everything we teach is reality based. Everything that our students learn here are built around the principles of the human body, how to efficiently restrain or incapacitate an attacker and how to use your body to the fullest. Our instructors work very hard to insure that our students learn to defend themselves with practical self-defense techniques used to take advantage of the human body’s weaknesses.

Our martial arts program is a lot of fun:
The reason our program is so successful is because we make the classes fun and exciting. We learned a long time ago that when our students are having fun they learn much faster. We try not have our classes be repetitive or monotonous, we rotate what we teach on a regular schedule though there are times where we may focus on a singular technique.

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